Colorado Fish Report

Flows are steady on the old Juan at 350cfs

San Juan River

by Duranglers Crew


  • Temperature: 41.18 ° F
  • Streamflow: 377 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 2.94 ft

Flows are steady on the old Juan at 350cfs. Fishing has been pretty good lately with junk flies such as leeches and worms, eggs, or even a mops.  A bunny leech/midge or annelid combo is a fantastic all-winter combo.  Small streamers. buggers too.  Water is off-color, so make sure to have an attractor followed by a smaller…or go double junk

Annelids in 18-22.  San Juan Worms, Egg patterns.

Midges 20-26: Black Flash Midge Pupa, Tav’s Big Mac, Bling Midge.

Dries: Griffith Gnat 18-22, Bunny Midge 20-24.

BWO Nymphs: Foam Wing RS-2s 20-24, Killer May 20-24, Juan’s Sniper Baetis 22-24, Juan’s Jedi Master 22-24, Juan’s Olive Slim Shady 20-24.

Junk: Bunny Leeches 8-12 in White, Grey, Olive, Black.  Eggs, SJ Worms, Sparkle Worms, White or cream mop flies.

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