Colorado Fish Report

Flows are low, and it’s winter fishing

Animas River

by Duranglers Crew


  • Temperature: 41.18 ° F
  • Streamflow: 124 ft³/s
  • Gage height: 2.08 ft

Flows are low, and it’s winter fishing.  This time of year can be pretty cold and fish will be moving slowly, but if you get your depth right you will find a few eaters.  Snow melt may cause bumps in flows

Small midge and mayfly nymphs along with caddis larva are a good go-to.  Fish will be holding in deeper water.

On water days, fish may be looking up to the occasional midge hatch, and dont’ discount a slow fished streamer.

Nymphs: Prince Nymphs and variants 14-18, RIO’s Raindrop 14-16, TBH Jig Caddis 14-18, Czechmate 14-16, Hydropsyche Caddis nymph 14-16, Olive Cased Caddis 16-18.

Pheasant Tails 18-22, Micro Mayfly 16-20, Killer Mayfly Brown and Olive 18-20, Grey and Brown RS-2 20-22.

Zebra Midge or Poison Tung 18-22, Rainbow Warrior 18-20, Disco Midge 18-20, Black Midge Pupa 18-22.

Dries: Sproat Midge 20-24, Griffith Gnat 18-24

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